Deodorant Balm - aluminium free

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A deodorant that really works! 

Tania Louise customers are so excited about our Natural Aromatherapy Deodorant!

Tested, tried and true to work from the office to the gym! Carefully created with love and beautiful botanic ingredients to first calm the skin, to scent the skin with pure essential plant ingredients and to prevent the bacteria that causes smelly underarms.

To nourish and repair skin we use Cocoa Seed and Macadamia Butters blended with Bergamot, Rose Geranium and Lavender to deodorise, refresh and prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria. 

Lavender is calming, Bergamot is energising and Rose Geranium can alleviate stress and nervousness, we use these natural oils to keep you feeling clean, calm and focused throughout your day. 

Completely free of aluminium, parabens and pthalates you can go about your daily routine smelling fresh with the peace of mind knowing that each ingredient is only doing your body good!

Definitely no pore blocking chemicals, this formula allows your body to RELEASE toxins through your sweat glands and keeps your endocrine system safe.

Application is easy and totally mess free. No sticky, messy fingers, no runny liquids, no sprays to get in your eyes.

Happy Customers : 

" I have been using Tania Louise deodorant for about two weeks. I was a bit worried it may irritate my skin. It didn't, even after shaving.
I have used many natural deodorants - after I used them I would get so itchy!! This deodorant is a must to try, nice smell, no white marks, dries fast, no need to re-apply.
I will be ordering more.
Tania, keep up your great work and amazing service. "
Emily Kollis

or make 4 interest free payments of $2.75fortnightly with Afterpay More info

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