Lavender Amethyst Mist

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Our Lavender Amethyst Mist is enriched with the calming properties of lavender and the healing effects of amethyst crystals.

It provides skin with maximum hydration and protection from dryness, resulting in a calmed, balanced complexion.

This Lavender Amethyst mist is perfect for all skin types and helps to reduce inflammation and redness to give a radiant, glowing finish.

Created from steam distilled lavender flowers, infused over healing Amethyst crystals, cleansed and charged under the full moon.

Lavender Amethyst Mist harnesses the powerful benefits of lavender extracts to give you a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home.

Feel your stress melt away and your senses relax with this calming mist.

Enjoy a relaxing sleep after you've used Lavender Amethyst Mist during your nightly skin care routine or use to calm the senses during busy or demanding days.

Enjoy the benefits of the unique Amethyst crystals, known to encourage calm and clarity while promoting balance, spirituality, and peace.

or make 4 interest free payments of $10.73fortnightly with Afterpay More info

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