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In 2018, we released a new range of hand blended 100% natural, mineral clay masks.

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Here we catch up with fashion designer, model and stylist gypsyfind to see how she likes to use her Tania Louise clay masks...

In the bowl below is French Green & Australian White Clay,

Image & styling by Gypsyfind

Tania Louise Face Masks and wooden spoon with Gypsyfind


To use, simply add two spoon fulls of the powder to a ceramic, glass or wooden bowl and add 1-2 Spoons of Spring water or rain water and stir until you have a thin spreadable paste.

Tania Louise Green clay face mask mixing

Apply with your fingertips or mask application brush, work into skin and concentrate on trouble areas that experience clogging or blemishes. 

applying tania louise mineral face mask

Allow mask to sit on skin for approximately 10 minutes or until it is almost dry. 

mask application gypsyfind

Take a warm cloth and massage off of the face using circular motions, rinsing well. 

When face is cleansed using cloth, rinse well with warm water, followed by cold water, spritz with Tania Louise Rose Water, then massage in Tania Louise Argan Oil to re-hydrate and plump skin. 

Tania Louise Mineral Face Mask


Image above is of our French Green & Australian White clay mask and the Australian Pink Clay mask, photo by Photograph.


Tania Louise Australian Pink Clay Face mask

 Use our wooden spoons to stir the mixture...  shop here NOW

Tania Louise French Green Clay Face mask

Don't forget to post your mask photos on Instagram and tag @misstanialouise using #tanialouisecosmetics and we can repost for you!

You can see more of our products at our Facebook page - Tania Louise Skincare & Cosmetics  and visit Gypsy Find for more adventures with Tania Louise Australia. 

Tania Louise Mineral Face mask with Gypsy Find




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