how to make your old tattoos, look new again.

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I have a thing for tattoos... and have had for many years, even before I started this little clean, green, organic, cruelty free cosmetics brand way back in 2010.

Five years ago, a tattooist friend suggested I formulate something organic for the tattoo industry... and I figured making it plant based and vegan friendly could be even better. 

Sooo, here we are after much research, formulation, testing and trialling - and now three years into selling in our country store and city markets, it has taken me this long to write a blog update about it.. 

To be honest, I am in love with the texture, with the way my skin feels after I use it, and the subtle aromatherapy scent - created from our blend of certified organic oils 

The subtle scent has an added purpose, to enhance or calm the wearers senses whilst adding depth and clarity to their tattoos.


organic tattoo balm fresh ink Australian made

Recently we did some before and after snaps with Photograph., to show our customers the effect that one simple application has on the look of your healed / old tattoos.

    BEFORE                                                    AFTER

 before Fresh Ink tattoo balm application photo        Fresh Ink tattoo balm australian made and owned

 What makes this tattoo balm different though ...
 The 100% organic ingredients, soak into the skin.
Unlike other tattoo formulations this product does not contain petroleum byproducts (like vaseline), alcohol, fragrance or synthetic ingredients.
Petroleum by-products can cause irritation, clog pores and seal off the skin from the oxygen necessary to the healing process of your skin, and over time leaves  skin looking dull.
Synthetic ingredients can form a barrier or build up on the surface of the skin,  which does not heal, hydrate and nourish as thoroughly as our Fresh Ink  plant  based formulation does. 

fresh ink organic tattoo balm vegan friendly australian made

What's so special about FRESH INK?

  • This Fresh INK Tattoo Balm is made with 100% certified organic nourishing, regenerating, anti-fungal and antibacterial oils and butters proven to help ease swelling, calm irritation and hydrate skin, which creates better clarity for your tattoos.
  • Fresh INK can be applied daily to hydrate, enhance and add vibrancy to old tattoos to give them a new lease of life.
  • This product is lightly scented with 100% certified organic oils.
  • No artificial fragrances or alcohol are used at all.
  • All Fresh INK products are hand made from 100% certified organic, clean and non-toxic plant ingredients by Tania Louise Australia.
  • Fresh INK tattoo balms are 100% Australian owned and made 100formulated, blended, poured, packed and labelled in Australia
  • All Fresh INK products are 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals, only tattoo loving humans

Shop here now, to renew your tattoos, add clarity and make them pop again.

fresh ink black and white photograph




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