Benefits and use of a Botanic Mascara

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 The eyes are the mirror of the soul

It has been said that 'the eyes are the mirror of the soul'...
so what are you framing your mirror of the soul with?
Nourishing botanic mascara....
or a toxic concoction of chemicals and tar that slowly damages the top layers of your eye and eventually damages your eyesight?

Tania Louise Mascara is made in Australia with Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Castor Oil, and Certified Organic Carnuaba Wax with mineral pigments.

How do these ingredients help your eye lashes you ask: 

let me explain : 

Organic Castor oil is the magic substance to enhance your eye lash growth while nourishing the hair follicles.

As we grow older eyelashes will start to fall off or break up by themselves. This is due to the weakening of skin tissues around the eyes.

We can prevent this by using a castor oil in a special combination (like our botanic mascara) The Vitamin E content works as an antioxidant and helps repair tissue damage around your hair follicles, creating healthier follicles which enhances and encourages stronger hair (eye lash) growth.

Castor oil contains naturally high levels of Ricinoleic acid an Omega-8 fatty acid, and it makes up a majority (85-95%) of the oil’s composition. It provides incredible nourishment to your lashes and helps accelerate eye lash growth.


Hair follicles will easily absorb castor oil and thereby help the healing mascara formulation to penetrate deep into the internal structure of the tissue, which prevents unnecessary eye lashes to fall out.  

Jojoba oil is one of the best eye lash enhancers because it moisturises and protects the hair follicles allowing the eye lashes to grow longer and thicker before falling.

Carnauba wax provides a gorgeous amount of volume and length from plants!

Smooth and clump free our Mascara is good for your eye lashes, assists with growth and length and is safe for your eyes!


Tania Louise Eyelash Mascara Application

Tips for perfect application:

Unscrew Cap and gently remove Mascara wand from tube. 

Carefully remove any excess mascara from wand on the inside of tube.

Do not 'pump' wand into tube. This causes the mascara tube to fill with air and dry out.

Looking into mirror, apply mascara gently to lashes ensuring you coat the tops of the top lashes as well as the undersides of top lashes. Comb through gently to first coat each lash with mascara and then use wand to separate lashes.

Allow to dry for 30 seconds. 

To create thicker lashes and build up coverage apply a second coat

For evening or photographic purposes up to 4 coats can be applied until desired affect is achieved. 


To Remove: 

Apply Pure Argan Oil, Pure Coconut oil or warm water to your eye lashes.

Gently remove with clean cotton make-up remover pads or a warm wash cloth.

Note: This is a 'Tar Free' mascara, and is long-wearing in most conditions but because we have designed this products from plants, warm water or a facial oil such as our 100% natural and organic Argan Serum, will dissolve this mascara as it is 100% natural.

For any mistakes when applying or wearing...  smudged mascara can be easily removed with your finger or make-up brush without ruining your foundation/make-up look.


Growth enhancing natural mascara

✔ Nourish, Repair & Protect Natural Eye Lashes

✔ Gentle Formula  ✔ Designed for Sensitive Eyes & Skin

✔ Paraben Free   ✔ Tar Free   ✔ NO Carbon Black

✔ Made in Australia  ✔ 100% natural, organic, botanic and mineral ingredients

✔ Vegan   ✔Cruelty Free


Tania Louise is a 100% Australian Owned Natural Cosmetics and Lifestyle Co.

100% Cruelty Free

Est. 2010


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