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Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had a love for nature and all of its beautiful creations..

As a garden designer, her studies involved plant science and her childhood was spent exploring herb, fruit and flower gardens and learning about their benefits.

Years later due to her busy lifestyle and her career in manufacturing she no longer spent time doing what she loved.

Tania Louise Company Founder & Director (above)  Image Credits: Melanie Stevens - Photographer

Just after her second child turned one year old, this woman was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.

Many months of tests, surgeries, radioactive treatment and more tests followed. 

This was the moment that sparked the need for creating change.... during many weeks of isolation in a Melbourne hospital for her cancer treatment - she spent countless hours and many days researching the cause of her illness.

The results were frightening. Many brands of skin care, hair care and cosmetics were found to contain mostly 'endocrine disrupting' chemicals and these chemicals over time were proven to be a contributing factor to the increase in Thyroid Cancer cases. 

She discovered these toxic chemicals/substances/preservatives are created in a laboratory (because its cheaper to manufacture than use a natural product) Upon application to the skin, these toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream. Over time these 'chemicals' or 'toxins' build up in the body creating changes to hormones and eventually the function of the Thyroid.

The distinct moment that the Tania Louise Skincare & Botanic Beauty Company was envisioned, was after 4 days of isolation in the Alfred Centre (Melbourne) during Radioactive Therapy (Radio-iodine)

The following list was created and her MISSION was born:

She asked herself, WHY must I do this? What are the most important issues that I can address?

1. To educate families and beauty professionals in the dangers of chemical / toxin build up in the body from every day items and the devastating effects it can have the long term.

2. To create products that she would be genuinely proud to use on her children and herself.

3. To create a brand or range of products that DIRECTLY contributes to the local community through local employment and product/ingredient sourcing.

She was puzzled: Why were retail stores and consumers importing inferior products, when right here on the cleanest continent on earth we have the resources to grow the plant based ingredients, clean water and so many talented people that can create what we need?

4. Because there are some powerful botanic ingredients that do not grow in the Australian climate, any imported ingredient had to be sourced via Fair Trade agreements from Sustainable Plantations to assist in their education and provide better living conditions.

5. MOST importantly her vision was to create an easy solution for families to guarantee natural and reliable source of skincare, hair care and cosmetics.

6. Not knowing if her cancer treatment was going to work (she had to wait 12 months to find out if it was effective or not) gave her a sense of urgency. What could she do that would leave behind a positive legacy for her children in years to come? How could she make the world a better place and be a positive role model?

There is nothing like a time limit on life to put things into perspective....

She immediately drafted a code of ethics for the company she hoped to build, which includes:

Every product is CRUELTY FREE - not a single product is ever tested on animals... The ingredients used are gentle, natural and mostly food grade! This means that they are tested on consenting humans and every new product is also trialled and used for up to 12 months before being launched for sale to the public.

Every product is lovingly created with natural ingredients and are:









Today, Tania Louise is proudly still 100% Australian Owned & Operated by Founder Tania Wilson.

Five years on Tania has made a steady recovery and continues to create new products that make living a natural and organic life easier! Now an experienced make-up artist, she loves to create new looks for women of every age using only natural & organic products from the Tania Louise Company.

Often a guest speaker/lecturer for students and educators in the Hair & Beauty industry, Tania is more passionate than ever about providing training and sharing her knowledge with students, families and beauty professionals.  

The company has grown organically based on customer requests and input which ensures that the brand is genuinely committed to fulfilling the needs and wants of its returning customers. 

Thank you for your support of an Australian woman, making a difference by reducing the use of one toxic chemical at a time.

SHOP the range here..

Email enquiries to: info@tanialouise.net 








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